Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repaired

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When the winter wind howls, your furnace kicks into high gear. And remember, we still have February left to get through. Keep your heating system operating in prime condition by following some basic preventative measures.

Dirty Filters

The purpose of a filter is to collect dust and dirt, but if it is not checked and cleaned regularly, it can become clogged. Clogged filters can lead to an inefficient furnace, even respiratory issues for your family. If you have children or pets, consider replacing your filters even more often.

Check Your Thermostat

The thermostat is the brain of your heating system. If it’s not working properly, it could be sending incorrect information to your furnace. To keep your system running efficiently, schedule an appointment with an HVAC specialist to check your thermostat as part of your preventive maintenance plan.

Furnace Ignition

If your ignition is broken, it won’t signal your furnace to run, or it will tell your system to run when it doesn’t need to. While an ignition stuck in the “off” position will leave your home frigid, a furnace that stays on can damage your whole heating system.

Parts Malfunction

A furnace is made up of many different mechanical units that work together to produce a complete heating system. When one part is not working properly, it can damage other parts. This is especially true with belts and gears. These parts should be checked by a Columbus Ohio furnace repair specialist if your furnace begins making any unusual noise.

Air Circulation

Loose belts, fan motors, or bearings cause excess heat to be released, leading to poor or uncontrolled air circulation. If you notice that it takes a long time for your furnace to heat your home, have your air circulation system checked by a professional.

Leaking Gas

If you smell gas or for any reason suspect a gas leak, turn your furnace off immediately and call for assistance. While you wait for your gas utility provider to check your furnace and home, do not turn anything on or off or light any matches.

Unusual Noises

Any change in the sounds your furnace makes is an obvious sign of a problem. An HVAC professional can check your belts as part of your yearly maintenance plan.

Oil Burners

If you have an older furnace, the oil burner may need to be replaced or repaired to keep your unit in working order. This should only be undertaken by a professional.

If you experience any of these warning signs, call us for advice in how to best manage your situation. Our friendly HVAC technicians in Columbus are trained to identify and fix issues in your heating system. We also provide yearly maintenance plans. An annual furnace check- up provides peace of mind, and saves you money by keeping your unit in working order. Early detection can mean the difference between a repair and a replacement.

Keep your heating system running efficiently this winter with the help of Patriot Air Comfort Systems. To set up an appointment with our certified HVAC technicians, please contact us today.