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At Patriot Air Comfort Systems, we understand that creating the perfect in-home environment is about more than just comfort; it’s about making choices that benefit both your family and our planet. Geothermal heating and cooling systems offer that rare combination of consistent, year-round comfort while being recognized as the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly for heating and cooling worldwide.

It’s crucial to maintain your geothermal system’s performance with regular checks and servicing to ensure your family enjoys seamless, eco-friendly climate control at all times. Let our team of geothermal experts help keep your home’s comfort in perfect harmony with nature.

Geothermal Heat Pump Repair Columbus Ohio

The Benefits of a Patriot Air Geothermal Heat Pump Repair

NATE Certified Furnace Repair

Emergency Geothermal Services

Satisfaction Guarantee for Furnace Repair

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Fair Transparent Furnace Repair Pricing

Extend Geothermal System LifeSpan

Financing Available for Furnace Repairs

Affordable Prices

You Need a Local Heat Pump Repair Company
Home Advisor Elite Service Furnace Repair Columbus Ohio

You Need a Local Heat Pump Repair Company

Did your geothermal heat pump system stop working? Or are you afraid your old equipment is too unreliable to last another season? Stop trying to figure out what to do if your geothermal system stops working. Patriot Air is fast, friendly, and fair.

Our technicians can help you quickly get your heating and cooling equipment system quickly repaired. Patriot is here to help with any HVAC services!

All of our technicians are NATE-certified experts equipped to address any variety of geothermal system repairs in Columbus, OH. We have the experience and know-how to quickly diagnose heating and cooling issues and implement the right service solutions to ensure your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently as soon as possible.

Same-Day Geothermal System Repair

We know that when your geothermal heat pump stops working, there is no time to waste. When you call us, we show up with the tools and solutions ready to repair your heating and cooling equipment right away. Our technicians thoroughly review your geothermal system and explain what repairs are needed, including all of your options and any upfront pricing.

Patriot Air professionals are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to work with all brands and models of HVAC systems on the market.

Emergency Geothermal Heat Pump Services in Columbus, OH

Patriot Air is committed to offering only the highest level of customer service for your emergency heat pump service in Columbus, OH. Customers can count on our trusted professionals to get the job done right the first time.


Issues with Airflow


Clogged / Dirty Filters


Thermostat Problems


Pilot or Ignition Control Issues

Improper Preventative Maintenance

Patriot Air’s knowledgeable and courteous technicians can be at your Columbus-area home in no time. They will diagnose any problems with your geothermal heat pump and get it repaired fast.

Emergency Geothermal Heat Pump Services in Columbus, OH

The Patriot Air Process

The Patriot Air Process is simple, straightforward, and convenient. Call or click to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable technicians. From there, we will build a free plan and service estimate designed around your needs that will have you relaxing in your perfectly climate-controlled home in no time. In four simple steps, see for yourself why we are the top HVAC company serving Columbus, Ohio.

Step 1

Schedule an Appointment

Patriot Air makes it simple to get in touch and schedule an appointment. Fill out our brief contact form online or call us at our Central Ohio headquarters to discuss your heating and cooling needs.

Step 1

Meet with Our Technician

Not all HVAC companies in Columbus, Ohio are created equal and not all HVAC technicians have the same level of training and expertise. Experience the Patriot Air difference when you meet with one of our skilled and respectful furnace service professionals.

Step 1

Free Estimate & Plan

We understand that each home’s heating requirements are different. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, we build free, straightforward, transparent estimates and plans that equip you with the knowledge and options to make the best decision for your home heating needs. We explain the whole process so you understand your equipment and how we can help you maintain a healthy heating system.

Step 1

Relax Comfortably

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with the pros. Patriot Air is there for all of your heating and cooling needs, with free estimates, worry-free maintenance plans, outstanding customer service and an industry-leading lineup of products.

Keep your geothermal system performing at its best!

With geothermal heating repair services from Patriot Air, your home will be transformed into an oasis. Besides keeping your home warm and toasty during the colder months, your system also reduces the risk of indoor damage by lowering humidity levels and improving your health and indoor air quality.

No matter what Ohio weather brings, your local heating and cooling experts at Patriot Air are here to help 24/7 throughout the year.

Keep your geothermal system performing at its best!

We the People, Love Patriot Air

Here is just some of the praise we’ve received from loyal customers for our furnace repair services:

Jennifer C. | Pickerington, Ohio


Patriot Air was incredibly responsive and the technician (Allen) that serviced our system was both knowledgeable and professional. He not only fixed our issue but also walked us through how to operate our system more efficiently. We had a great experience and appreciate the quality service!

Ryan B. | Canal Winchester, Ohio

Patriot Air to the Rescue...

Our furnace went out while we were at work, and we came home to a freezing house. We have small children, so having it too cold in the house isn’t an option. We called around to a few places, and Patriot Air was the only HVAC company to return our call and immediately rushed a technician to our house. I can’t thank them enough for putting my family first and ensuring my kids had a warm home to sleep in. I tell everyone that Patriot Air is the only HVAC company I’ll ever call again.

Mark Y. | Groveport, Ohio

Knowledgeable & Professional...

I previously had an HVAC repair company come out to my house and attempt to repair my heat pump. They showed up late. The service technician spent most of the time on his phone, tracking mud into my house, and ultimately had no idea how to fix my problem. I called Patriot Air the next day, and they showed up that same day, found and fixed the problem, and treated me and my house respectfully. I highly recommend Patriot Air for your heating and cooling needs.

Kathy R. | Columbus, Ohio

Honest & Courteous...

Having a fixed income with unexpected expenses, like fixing the heating and cooling systems, is hard. Luckily for us, Patriot Air is a company that doesn’t nickel and dime you to death and is very fair-priced. They didn’t try to sell us anything we didn’t need and made sure we were comfortable with the price before they did any work. We were able to afford our repairs through their financing program. Now our Central air is working wonderfully.

Heating & Cooling Experts Serving the Columbus, Ohio Area

Patriot Air Comfort Systems was founded by William Kanipe in 2004. Mr. Kanipe, the company’s first president, brought decades of experience working in the home-building industry.

His career began as a Columbus-based HVAC installer and service technician; this role provided the foundation for future responsibilities and positions that included field construction manager, purchasing and estimating manager, and senior construction manager for leading national home builders such as Centex Homes, Beazer Homes, and Toll Brothers.

Mr. Kanipe utilized his extensive industry background and network of skilled professionals to develop a model and mission for Patriot Air, a company inspired by the sense of pride and patriotism felt by our founder in the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Our founder’s career mission has been service since that day, and our company’s mission has been great service since day one.

The Patriot Air team continues to grow and expand to serve our neighbors’ heating and cooling needs in the greater Central Ohio area. With headquarters in Groveport, Ohio, and skilled technicians ready to deploy anytime, we cover all your HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair needs. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need immediate assistance, contact us today.

Heating & Cooling Experts Serving the Columbus, Ohio Area

Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of cost and efficiency, how does a new geothermal system compare to traditional oil or gas furnaces for heating and cooling?

While the initial installation cost of a geothermal system can be higher than traditional oil or gas furnaces, the operating costs are typically much lower. Geothermal heat pumps are more efficient because they transfer heat rather than generate it through combustion. This efficiency translates to lower energy bills and less environmental impact over time, making geothermal heat pumps a cost-effective alternative to traditional heating and cooling units.

What are some popular geothermal heat pump systems on the market, and how do I choose the right one for my home?

Some of the popular manufacturers of geothermal systems include WaterFurnace, Climatemaster, and Bosch. When choosing the right system for your home, consider the size of your property, the local climate, and the system’s energy efficiency rating. It is advisable to consult with a professional who can provide heat pump service and advice on the best equipment for your specific needs.

Are geothermal heat pumps capable of maintaining a consistent indoor temperature during the extreme temperatures of Ohio winters and summers?

Absolutely. Geothermal heat pumps are designed with energy efficiency in mind, allowing them to provide consistent heating and cooling even under extreme temperature conditions. The ground maintains a relatively stable temperature year-round, enabling the system to operate consistently when providing heating in the winter and cooling air in the summer.

When a geothermal heat pump requires repair, what might be involved in the service calls in Columbus, Ohio?

Geothermal heat pump repair in Columbus, Ohio, may involve checking the loop system for leaks, ensuring the heat pump service is up to date, and addressing any issues with the heat exchange equipment. Since the system’s components are installed underground, it’s essential to have a professional with experience in geothermal services to diagnose and repair any issues.

What is involved in the installation of geothermal heat pumps, and how does it differ from traditional furnaces or air conditioning units?

Geothermal system installation involves placing a series of pipes, known as a loop, into the ground to tap into the earth’s stable temperature. Unlike traditional furnaces or cooling systems that rely on combustion or outside air, geothermal units require significant ground or water source work to install the loop. However, once installed, these systems are more energy-efficient and have lower operating costs than conventional heating and cooling equipment.

Can installing a geothermal system add value to my property in Columbus, Ohio?

Yes, installing a geothermal heating and cooling unit can add significant value to your home. The energy efficiency of these systems often leads to reduced utility bills, and the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes geothermal heat pumps as the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling equipment. This can be a strong selling point for potential homebuyers who are interested in renewable energy and cost savings.

How does a geothermal heat pump system operate to provide heating and cooling for a home?

A geothermal heat pump system harnesses the constant temperature of the ground beneath the surface to operate efficiently. During the winter, the system extracts heat from the ground through a loop of pipes and transfers the hot air into your home. Conversely, during the summer or cooling mode, it removes heat from your home and discharges it into the ground, providing a cool air supply.

Don’t wait until you’re in the midst of a snowstorm to assess your heating system. Patriot Air Comfort Systems offers a full range of brands and models of newer furnaces to ensure the best in energy efficiency, price, and performance. Contact our friendly HVAC professionals in Columbus, Ohio, and schedule an in-home inspection and estimate today.

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