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Worry-Free Maintenance Plans


1 Precision Geothermal System Tune-Up (Spring) & 1 Precision Geothermal System Tune-Up (Fall)

The benefits include:

  • Lower utility bills by reducing energy consumption and waste
  • Extended equipment life
  • Peace of mind for you and your family
  • Fewer repairs, and improved system liability
  • Increased heating and cooling capacity and efficiency

The Geothermal Systems Tune-Ups include:

  • Supply Voltage (240 V) checked for accuracy
  • Amp draw from compressor
  • Return Air and Coil Temperature Difference
  • Check Loop Pressures
  • Measure Loop Temperatures
  • Remove any air from Flo Center
  • Turn on or off Desuperheater (Seasonal)
  • Add Water to loop as needed
  • Check all electrical connections and grounds
  • Check all capacitors MFD rating
  • Check and clean drain pan
  • Check and replace filters (Additional charge for filters)
  • Refrigerant pressures checked only if a problem exists
  • Check unit for all fault codes
  • Check auxiliary or back up heat for operation
  • Check blower motor amperages and clean as needed

While enrolled in this Agreement; any time you need service you will get Priority Service Scheduling. Absolute Freedom from Diagnostic Charges ($130.00 value), you will receive a 15% discount on any part needed with a 2 year warranty on parts.

Take Advantage of This Amazing Offer for a Low Monthly Investment of Only $26.95

Your comfort and complete satisfaction is very important to us. Try this program for ninety days; if you’re not 100% Satisfied you may cancel at anytime.